Anthony Davis Possible Future Teams
By Rebecca Rodriguez - December 10, 2022

The Los Angeles Lakers are at 2-7 following yesterday’s home loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is becoming increasingly apparent that, despite having LeBron James, the Lakers are not a good team. Therefore, the Lakers keep losing. They’re a lousy team, that’s why. And contrary to what is often believed, trading Westbrook is not the quickest way to change that. It’s an Anthony Davis trade. Although the reports suggest that AD may be available, it would be a surprise move by the Lakers.

Far from factual information, Davis is not on the market. However, it’s a great conversation starter. By this moment, Davis was meant to be LeBron’s 1B and the 1A of the team. In current affairs, Davis is possibly a Top-20 player who is very valuable defensively but doesn’t deserve his high salary. The Lakers have two trade options to consider for Davis. Superstar for superstar transactions, as well as through trade and the draft. Here are some possible locations.

Getty images/AFP/ FREDERIC J. BROWN/ Contributor

In the next ten years, it seems like the Mavs are the team that will be willing to trade up the majority of their draft picks to get a suitable backup for Luka Doncic. Although the Slovenian prodigy is making history right before our eyes, it is difficult to predict when he will win a title because he hasn’t already won one. More significantly, Davis would be a massive presence on the back end, clearing things up defensively, making him the ideal pick-and-roll partner.
I can view the Knicks already waiting for this blockbuster trade. Davis appears to be the greatest player the Knicks can trade for in the upcoming years.

However, that may not be the case. Although tearing up their present squad to get Davis may not be a championship move, that is the kind of move New York would make because they seem satisfied to stick with their never-ending drive to be relevant. It would be exciting to see how far Jalen Brunson and Davis could go, and it might help MSG draw in more free agents in the future. Everyone benefits as the Lakers are given a fresh start.