Andre Iguodala speaks out on state of law enforcement in America
By admin - 2016-10-12 21:02:36

Golden State Warriors forward, Andre Iguodala, spoke out about law enforcement in America.

The six foot six, one time National Basketball Association Finals Most Valuable Player, and dunk contest participant admitted that he was nervous about speaking after what he saw happen with Colin Kaepernick.

“They’re gonna get me,” said Iguodala when asked about the Black Lives Matter movement. “I’ve got nothing to say.”

Iguodala is known for his intellect both on and off the court. He is sought out by reporters for his insight on a multitude of issues. Many took his reluctance to speak as a poignant sign on the state of law enforcement in America. Many point to Iguodala having a wife and children as part of his reluctance. He may worry that they would suffer for his being outspoken on the issue.

“The police are definitely needed, (but) at the end of the day it’s just holding them accountable,” said Iguodala, in an interview with USA TODAY. Iguodala is a member of the National Basketball Players Association’s executive committee. “You hold athletes accountable, right? Whenever we screw up, it’s headline news – ‘how did this guy mess up?’ We’re almost looked at as God-like figures, like we shouldn’t screw up, when we’re actually human beings. They’re looked at as God-like figures as well, but when they do wrong, it’s almost like they didn’t do it. We’re held in the same ideology, but we’re held to different standards.”