Alonso Says Title Fight for Multiple F1 Teams A Few Years Away
By admin - May 17, 2021

With Covid, the racing world has postponed certain things, such as their rules and guidelines going forward. Alpine’s Fernando Alonso makes a point saying that it may take a few years after 2022 for Formula One to implement these changes, which may include multiple teams battling it out for the title. Here are the highlights: 

  • F1 Teams are beginning to prepare for car design changes that have been delayed due to the economic consequences of the pandemic.
  • Alonso had announced his intention to return to F1 after two years out because of the new rules having the potential to shake things up and create a better championship competitive order. 
  • He hopes in another 3 years that a new set of regulations come into effect after 2022 that’ll be close action for many teams.
  • He says that the regulations are made to cover things and keep performance parts of cars standard so there’s a better chance of having a closer competition with multiple teams. 
  • Even with the F1 field closing up in 2020, the Mercedes and Red Bull cars still dominate the top positions.
  • Alonso understands that 2021 is a preparation year, but still a good time to test things, such as the sprint races.
  • Although it’s been difficult to really get out there due to pandemic protocols, he’s hopeful that 2022 will start to see some revolution in the sport.