Alex Rodriguez's ex-girlfriend from hell
By admin - 2017-10-05 00:58:54

Alex Rodriguez’s lawyers say they will contact local and federal law enforcement if an unidentified woman with whom he had a brief relationship several years ago does not stop threatening to expose private messages unless the retired ballplayer pays her $600, 000, according to a report by TMZ.

Rodriguez, 41, reportedly ended the relationship in 2014 and denies it was ever serious. She continued to contact him, however, allegedly asking for small amounts of money — requests he says he always refused.

But when A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez, 47, became a couple in early 2017, the woman began upping the ante, the report said, demanding larger and larger amounts of money for her silence. When Rodriguez told the ex he was in a committed relationship with Lopez and wanted to be left alone, she allegedly raised her demand to more than half-a-million.

A source told Hollywood Life that the woman planned to release old text messages between her and Rodriguez to make it appear that the relationship was ongoing. The woman thought the former Yankee would be willing to pay anything to protect his relationship with Lopez.

Lopez is standing by Rodriguez and can sympathize with his situation, having experienced similar threats herself in the past. As for Rodriguez, he will not pay the woman a dime, TMZ reports, and is ready to take legal action if her threats continue.