Abbott Won't Throw Pitch Due to Voting Rights
By admin - April 6, 2021

It’s been a weird time in America especially in regards to different cities and how they voted during the pandemic. There’s a lot of things going on politically that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just doesn’t support. He won’t be there to throw the pitch at the All-Star Game.  Here are the highlights:

  • The Republican governor Abbott wrote a letter in response to the MLB in regards to moving the All-Star game from Atlanta because of their new voting laws.
  • Apparently, Atlanta is restricting voting by mail and giving more legislative control on how elections are run.
  • Not only is he not participating in this, but he said Texas won’t seek to host any future MLB events.
  • He finds it shameful that this pastime is being influenced by politics.
  • Harris County Judge Lina Hildago called this a direct attack on legislation. Furthermore, she stated that major corporations, both in and outside of Texas, should stand up for this latest attack on democracy.
  • Even before the MLB decision, President Joe Biden said the law was “Jim Crow on steroids.”
  • While the President wasn’t trying to dictate how sports should conduct their business, it was definitely a way of saying that this type of action is backward on society.