Soccer players lay down ‘marker’ in fight against racism
By admin - August 8, 2020

Even with players taking a knee and demanding tougher action against wrongdoings, they find their environment to have a racist tingle on the tongue. Here are the highlights:

  • Elite players in Paris have come to the breaking point and even refused playing.
  • A prime example of the disdain for racism came at the Champions League when players from Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir left the field and didn’t return.
  • Piara Power, executive director of the anti-discrimination Fare network, told The Associated Press that many players are tired of half-hearted measures to tackle racism and are stopping matches in protest.
  • An incident occurred at the 14-min mark when the fourth official — Sebastian Coltescu of Romania — was accused of using a racial term to identify Basaksehir assistant coach Pierre Webo as he sent him to the sidelines for conduct.
  • Webo was enraged and  demanded explain: “Why you say negro?”
  • The exchanges were broadcast live and Basaksehir substitute Demba Ba was upset at the inflection of the official saying, “Why when you mention a Black guy, you have to say ‘This Black guy?’
  • Even if it was unintentional, Powar said it’s still discriminatory to refer to a player by using his race as the identifier.
  • Some fans have even made racial remakes and certain players weren’t going for it and would be issued a yellow card for refusing to continue the game.
  • It’s really the officials that need a certain standard to deal with these types of situations to keep things more comfortable for the players.
  • Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand noted that while it’s a step in the right direction, it shouldn’t be solely dependent on the player to take action when these things happen.