Women’s team, US Soccer settle part of their lawsuit
By admin - 2018-12-18 07:11:18

U.S. women’s national team players and the U.S. Soccer Federation settled their long-running lawsuit over inequitable working conditions compared to the men’s team, but still left equal pay on the table. Here are the highlights:

  • The parties filed a redacted public notice of the settlement to include charter flights, venue selection, and hotel accommodations with the federal court in Los Angeles.
  • Parlow Cone wants the women’s team and their lawyers to move into new direction.
  • Players sued the USSF in March 2019 claiming they haven’t been paid fairly compared to what the men received, which goes to $66 million in damages.
  • However, Klausner dismissed the pay claim in May, ruling the women rejected a pay-to-play structure similar to the one in the men’s agreement.
  • The players’ spokeswoman Molly Levinson said they’re pleased to have their long overdue equal working conditions but things still need to be done to get the equal pay women deserve for the job.
  • This lawsuit got international attention, especially with the U.S. winning last year’s World Cup final in Lyon, France. The crowd was in full support shouting “Equal Pay!”
  • While the World Cup bid has no government funding, security assistance is likely to be provided at some level for the games and training venues for the 2026 tournament.
  • The USSF argued in court documents that women lacked the skills and responsibilities of their male counterparts.
  • Parlow Cone said she hopes the agreement leads to settlement of remaining issues.
  • Right now, the USSF bad agreed to give both men and women equal resources to make their job more comfortable from good fields, flights, hotels, and even staff.
  • It’s been hard coming to agreement for women’s payment and even more difficult now with CoVid-19.
  • Furthermore, she stated that the focus was to make sure the game is better for the next generation of women.