104 Marathons In 104 days
By Claire Miles - June 2, 2022

Early this year Jacky Hunt-Broersma a South African amputee runner made world history by running one hundred and four marathons in one hundred and four days. This broke the world record. This challenge she took on raised one hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars for Amputee blade runners. This will help people gain access to expensive prosthetics. As she has stated that in the states running blades are very expensive and that health insurance sees it as a luxury so does not cover the cost. This charity is a great way for her to give back.

Before becoming an amputee she did not Have any interest in running ultras. While she has always been healthy and fit she had never done anything on this level before she became an amputee. However, after her surgery, she found that many doctors would tell her about things she could no longer do, frustrated by this she started her blade runner journey. The whole challenge consisted of over two thousand miles or to be exact two thousand seven hundred and twenty-eight miles. She said that through her challenge she actually gained weight, which is surprising as she had to skip lunch every day of the challenge. She had to eat not only to recharge at the end of the day but to fuel up for the next day.

GettyImages/Boston Globe/Boston Globe

There was no time to take extended breaks to try to cool down or truly relax.

She is a great inspiration to the amputee community as she put in a great amount of work and sacrifice to get through the challenge. She is also a great example to her kids as they got to see her running. She has shown that if you put in the work you can make it happen. Nothing can stop you if you truly want to make it happen.